If You Are not Great at Selling, it’s Robbing you

of 10s of Thousands of Dollars. Wouldn’t you

Like to Know how to Get More People to Say

YES to you-Even if the Word “Sales” Doesn’t

Appear in your Title?

Now, for the first time…there’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind resource that shows you how to get YES more often, without being aggressive or pushy. It’s chock full of proven, easy-to-apply, money-making advice, approaches and strategies to help you sell more, achieve more and earn more.

Get YES to your ideas, requests, proposals, products or services!


From: Alvin Day

Thursday, 11:35 a.m.

Dear Fellow Business Professional,

If you are making all the money you ever dreamed of making, you don’t need to read the rest of this letter.

Now, if you’re still reading, here’s the good news: The sales business can provide you with fabulous income and financial freedom. And there are people who are “making a killing” in sales. But do you find that even though you work really hard, you still don’t earn the kind of money you would like?

Or, in your business, do you find that frequently, you have to persuade people to accept your ideas, change their minds and take action?

If you answer YES to any of the above situations, then here’s the key…figure this out and you’re on your way to unlocking increased personal influence, recognition and a larger stream of income:


The Key to Making Big Money in Sales is to Overcome the Natural Tendency in People to Say NO

People say NO…they say NO a lot…and they say NO far more times than they say YES. They say NO at times when they’d be better off saying YES. I admit… this by itself is no big revelation, but what if you had a resource to help you get YES far more often than you do today? That knowledge would improve your entire experience in sales and help you make huge sums of money.

In order to get YES, there’s something you have to know about people, whether they be customers, clients or strangers. They have a built-in device that makes them say NO. Perhaps it’s because we live in a negative society. Perhaps it’s due to the explanation offered in Holly Brisbane’s book, The Developing Child, where the argument is:

“At about age two, toddlers begin to seek independence, and have a tendency to say ‘no’ to everything.”

It doesn’t matter whether people are hard-wired to say NO, or they are conditioned by a negative culture. The fact is, if you want to achieve spectacular success, you have to be extremely good at getting people to say YES to you.

In order to avoid taking NO for the final answer, many salespeople push harder. In regular sales training, you learn to analyze objections, re-state benefits and repeat the close. And if you don’t have the right approach, you are perceived as being unduly aggressive. The end result in such cases is not only NO, but NO! with an attitude. 

Great news: You don’t have to be pushy to get to the top of the selling game.

When People Say NO, it Will Kill your Sales if you’re not an Expert at Handling Rejection


Have you ever gone for a long time where everybody said NO to you? Or have you ever had someone say NO with an attitude? I mean saying NO in a condescending way, or insulting you to your face.

When you know that your offer would be beneficial to such a person, and the person dismisses you with a bad attitude, where do you find the resources to maintain your composure, feel good about yourself and move onto to the next call to present the same idea with fresh energy and full confidence?

If you experience feelings of rejection, they will impact your energy, confidence and chances of success. But here’s the real truth. YOU NEVER HAVE TO FEEL REJECTED…not if you have the resources that keep you balanced, confident and energized.

But the fear of rejection is only one of the top seven reasons that people don’t do exceptionally well in sales. Here are the others (Do any of them apply to you?)…

The top seven stumbling blocks that prevent sales people from generating the results and income they should:

  • 1. Fear of failure;
  • 2. Low level of personal energy and motivation;
  • 3. Poor work ethics;
  • 4. Lack of belief in what you sell;
  • 5. Lack of persistence;
  • 6. Poor communication skills; and,
  • 7. Fear of rejection.
  • Do any of these reasons keep you from enjoying the success and income you desire, and if so, which ones?
  • Can you overcome these problems and take your business to “the next level?”

You might be asking, “What is the source of this list…where did it come from?” It came from my twenty-seven years of research, observation and personal experience in the work of personal selling, then managing sales organizations and then teaching people how to sell in countries across the world.

This is a great time to tell you a little about myself. I am going to give you information about a fantastic, one-of-a-kind sales tool that gives you a competitive edge and puts money in your pocket. But it does no good for me to try, until you can answer the following:

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Alvin Day and over the past 27 years, through a long, painstaking process of trial, error, training, failure and success, I’ve come to identify and document the most dependable, undeniable, proven, repeatable techniques that make people say YES!

At various points in my sales career, I have been thrashed, mashed and smashed by people that did not want to buy what I had to sell. They said NO so much that anyone with half a brain would advise me to crawl under a rock and never come out again. But I did not crawl under a rock, despite the feelings of dejection, rejections, embarrassment and even anger.

Yes, as a retail salesman, I’ve been kicked out of stores; as a door-to-door salesman, I’ve had home owners close the curtains when I approached their front door; and, as a telephone salesman, I’ve heard that click followed by a dial-tone on the other end of the line-right in the middle of my pitch. I’ve been told YES by prospects…just to get rid of me, with no intention to follow-through…you name it…if it’s a potential pit in sales, I’ve fallen into it at one time or another. I’ve even had my friends look down on me and embarrass me for trying to sell them stuff.  I recall presenting my phone service to a friend who looked at me and responded in such a condescending way that I was furious. I thought, who does he think he is?  

Nothing seemed to work. But then, one day something happened …

I saw Richard, a business partner of mine, go from being a brand new rep in a sales organization of 103,000, to being one of the top ten performers in a period of nine-and-a-half months, without appearing to sell, convince or use high pressure tactics. His approach was so natural, so easy, so different from what I’d learned in the various sales training programs I attended, that I was dumbfounded.

He’d go to play golf one morning and come back at lunch time with three new recruits who were anxious to get started. He would attend a party, meet a dozen people, and a week later, two of them would have bought his business opportunity.

And Then the Lights Went on…

It was then I realized that successful selling is not some stodgy process that requires acting lessons, professional talk or the stuff I was learning in traditional sales training. I suddenly saw that the way to sell soap, real estate, insurance and any other product or service, uses the same mechanism found in normal, everyday human interactions where one person persuades another to do something. It is the same principles applied by:

– A boy getting a girl to drop her plans and go out with him on a certain night;
– A man getting his uncle to lend him money; 
– That woman on the plane who got me to give her my aisle seat in exchange for the window seat she was assigned.

Think of how exciting that can be for you. If you have ever persuaded someone to change his or her mind and do something you wanted, then you have the raw material needed to become a master in the selling game.

With a clearer understanding of how to apply what you already know to the discussion of soap, real estate, insurance and other product or service you may represent, your results will explode, so will the rewards and recognition you receive.

“”I have worked alongside Alvin and have directly experienced the impact of his attitude and energy on our people and our business.”

Sam Mitchell, President
– The Valvoline Co.

Still, these persuasive techniques above were not enough. I discovered other secrets such as: how to keep my personal energy level high despite problems; how to get people to tell me more than they planned to share; and, how to get YES without closing-said another way, without the other person feeling like I’m not closing in for the kill.  Through hard experience, training and the willingness to try and fail, I learned a powerful set of approaches and skills that began to produce spectacular results in my sales career.I was nominated Sales Manager of the Year  in a division of Bristol-Myer Squibb, after increasing household products sales by $1,300,000 in a two day period.  During my career at Procter & Gamble I was awarded the #1 position in a sales drive competition involving 3,200 other salespeople.

Later, in my consulting business, I continued to enjoy success at an even greater level. For example, Lori Hansford, Vice President of Sales at Campbell’s Soup-Canada, credited me with the sale of $25,000,000 incremental volume in one year. Other success stories abound from clients including Colgate-Palmolive, Eveready Battery, Pepsi, Universal / NBC Studios, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, ACN, Herbalife and more.

I’ve even been part of a relationship marketing organization where my group production ranked in the top ½ of 1% of over 200,000 representatives…I was placed in the elite president’s club and I have the pins, trophies and other goodies to show.

My aim here is not to brag, but to lay a foundation to answer this question:

 “How can this sales experience and success benefit you?”

For the past thirteen years, I have been traveling as a management consultant and sales coach, imparting the secrets of successful selling to business clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.  All that experience was then compacted into one day seminars that I’ve recently been conducting for sales people in companies of various types and sizes. Finally, I put the seminar “in a box.”  I condensed all that content into a ready-to-use resource you can learn and apply at your convenience, whenever you choose, and as often as you like.

Why did I condense my work to make it so easily available? You see, I had become frustrated. Whenever I traveled to a client and delivered my work, I got rave reviews, participants loved it and they generated massive results. But the problem was reach. I could only help those people where I was present and doing a workshop myself.  In the mean time, all across the world, there are salespeople working hard, and still not achieving the kind of success they desire. By packaging my work in such a way that it can be easily accessed and applied without my having to be there physically, I can impact the lives of far more people and help them achieve success in their businesses.

Results have been spectacular. Here are a couple examples:

Two days ago, as I started writing this letter to you, Matt called from California and thanked me for the impact my sales material is having on his business and his life. This Team Leader at a network marketing company said, in the past two months, his sales production went up just over 200% compared to the month prior. He credits the sales coaching material he received from me. Now, as a result, 70% of his income is from work he is not doing himself, but work his organization is generating. Matt is delighted.

Then, there’s the story of Yvonne Virtue…

In 30 days after exposure to Alvin Day’s material…
“…I went from being just a mere Director to being a Presidential Director in my organization! It’s the first of three top positions, and I will be going to the top position by the end of the year. I just followed his Steps 1 and 2 and it propelled me to make more money than I have ever made.”

Yvonne Virtue
– Presidential Director, Vision for Life.

What is the information that helped these people and so many others experience breakthroughs in their life and business? It is the winning, moneymaking resource I’ve been promising:

Introducing…The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards

This is a one-of-a-kind, unparalleled resource to help you get YES without being aggressive and pushy. When you get this manual in hand, you will quickly agree that you’ve never seen or read a sales manual quite like this one before. That’s why it’s called The Ultimate Sales Manual.

Think about it. In most cases, a sales manual is boring, dry and tough to get through, but the boss makes you study it anyway. This is a different kind of experience altogether; one you will truly enjoy; one that will help you generate respect, recognition and rewards…I mean money! You’ll keep going back to this document—The Ultimate Sales Manual—time after time, voluntarily, both to address your own issues and to address issues you’ve identified with other people you want to help.

Here’s a Sample of What You Get

When You Request Your Copy of

The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence & Rewards:

The Ultimate Sales Manual Shows you…

  • How to master the undisputed, undeniably greatest sale you will ever make and why you cannot succeed without mastering it; learn how to sell this and your products or services will fly…most salespeople struggle here. You don’t have to (Page 46);
  • The must-have alternatives you need to consider when you believe your company’s products/services are too expensive (Page 129);
  • The simple, easy to apply techniques you must know that will make you virtually immune to rejection; to go on with positive energy and make the next sale, even after being denied in ways that used to embarrass or infuriate you (Page 141);
  • The three totally life-changing areas you will control in order to make maximum money and enjoy life in any business, especially in sales. Most of your competitors are good at one or two areas. Knowing all three gives you great power…makes you excel (Page 6);
  • The stunningly simple piece of logic that will make you lots of money, give you recognition and a great lifestyle in sales, even if you hate to sell! (Page 113);
  • Learn this stress-relieving, money-maximizing secret and you will close bigger, more profitable sales: What is your #1 priority and objective in a selling presentation? Hint: It is not to make the sale. (Page 49);
  • Why you should absolutely never regard yourself as a mere salesperson. Learn this perception-altering position that makes you immediately valuable to customers (Page 119);
  • How to completely and forever avoid the negative stereotype of being an aggressive, pushy salesperson while increasing effectiveness smoothly and persuasively (Page 116);

“…[Alvin] bridged the gap between my people skills and my ability to work effectively with my team while prospecting.”

– Felicia Kadina

  • Why you will consistently go hungry and miserable if you visit your clients or customers; the difference between visitation and immersion (Page 83); 


  • The energizing, uplifting technique to apply when you find yourself doing negative self-talk, even though you know better (Page 137);
  • Learn the simple secrets Microsoft uses to make a little CD take on the perception of a massive product. Use it to build great value in your product presentations (Page 45);
  • Why selling with benefits is very inadequate…no longer enough to make the sale… 1995 thinking; yet the best most salespeople can do is to present benefits. Become an amazing sales magnet by doing what’s on this page (Page 31);
  • The four critical, must-ask questions to apply to your data in order to make the sale with facts & figures. Skip any of these questions and you’d be better off avoiding data altogether in your presentations-just wing it (Page 21);
  • The easy to follow, step by step process to determine if an objection is real or false and what to do in either case (Page 60);
  • The ten words  you should absolutely never, under any condition, ever say to yourself; how they will condition your brain for failure and misery and the corrective action to take when you forget and say them out of habit (Page 140);
  • The simple logic to resolve your discomfort when you occasionally feel that even though you are in sales, sales is not your true calling (Page 123);
  • The three most amazing techniques you can use to win big in the sales game if you think you are introverted or shy (Page 93);
  • The five often hidden but extremely powerful forces that determine success and failure in every corporate selling situation and how to make them work for you (Page 84);
  • The unusual but dramatically liberating insights you must have in the sales business when you have to sell to your friends and people you know; information you will not find anywhere else (Page 71);
  • The simplest approach to selling huge volumes by asking for a favor and why it works so often (Page 68);
  • The disarming, revealing communication techniques that get people to tell you what they are thinking and what they want, making it easy for you to get them to say YES. (Page 48);
  • You’ve been taught that product features don’t make the sale…now here’s exactly the right place to use them and build deal-closing confidence. (Page 36)
  • Deliver spellbinding, jaw-dropping presentations with the skill of telling stories. Why they are the best ways to overcome objections and get the YES you desire (Page 22);
  • The things you must avoid like the plague…responsible for 90% of the attrition and failures in sales. Skillfully side step the forces that weaken and immobilize so many salespeople (Page 7);
  • The startling revelation that the Queen of England uses the toilet, and how this knowledge alone can put power and passion into your presentations (Page 110);
  • Six power-packed devices that will make you a master communicator. Learn which ones are high-risk, which ones are low-risk, and when to use them (Page 53);
  • Excite and stimulate your customers using Multi-Media Motivation that makes them desire at a sensory level, whatever you are selling (Page 42);
  • Why would-be buyers find the vast majority of presentations, ads and product offers to be boring and irrelevant and how you can avoid selling the wrong thing. Learn how to convert your widgets and services to the language of people’s desires (Page 27);
  • Twelve rich, inexhaustible sources of data to fortify support and validate your selling proposition. Virtually none of your competitors looks at all  twelve (Page 18);
“A very powerful resource for self-empowerment in all areas of my life. I have used the information to empower myself in my personal, professional and financial life.”

— Linda Yerby, Consultant
The Warm Spirit Company

  • The natural, highly effective medicine that will cure you of the low price syndrome…side effects: increased annual earnings (Page 131);
  • The dumb, avoid-at-all-cost thinking that leads salespeople calling on corporations to struggle, get frustrated and make very few sales; how you can get the edge (Page 81);
  • The four sure-fire steps to make objections disappear right after they appear (Page 60);
  • The shocking truth that people no longer want to buy things… stuff…services, and why ignorance here can put you out of business. Learn what makes people buy in The Information Age…something the competition hasn’t yet figured out (Page28);
  • Two highly instructive secrets you can learn from the doctor and athlete to make you more money (Page 103);
  • The unusual, it’s-not-done-this-way approach of being quick to fire and slow to hire and why this will significantly boost performance in your organization (Page 77);
  • The six explosive communication bullets you should use to open doors so that you can enter and get the YES you want? (Page 53);
  • The attention-getting hear-me, see-me, touch-me techniques you should use to make your services come alive with the advantages of a physical product (Page 42);


  • Learn why and how to intrigue and fascinate people to whom you are selling-why just presenting good information is bad for you (Page 27);

Alvin has a God-given insight into people’s basic needs for success and has a radar on how to get us to our “promised land.”

– Sonya Jones 

  • How to cure PowerPointitis that kills many people’s presentations. Learn to use the technology and data to your advantage (Page 16);
  • When you should definitely, without hesitation, quit this business/job and get another one (Page 127);
  • If public speaking scares the heck out of you, gives you the willies or makes you sweat and babble, here’s how to overcome it and pursue mastery (Page 102);
  • With all due respects to psychiatrists who tell us it’s a bad thing…here’s how you can use DENIAL to make you strong, confident and financially fit in the sales business (Page 99);
  • How to excel and thrive even when surrounded by lazy, incompetent people (Page 76);

“Thank you so much for highlighting the purpose we have in connecting with the needs of prospects in telling them that our vehicle can get them their dreams and needs. Great job.”

– Crystal Davis 

  • The topsy-turvy perspectives of wisdom to apply when you sell to your friends and they are very tough on you (Page 67);
  • The critical test to determine if your buyer / prospect is feeling defensive, apprehensive or suspicious. Stop. What you must do before proceeding (Page 51)
  • How to use your worst, most shameful failures to tell stories that bring you success (Page 24);
  • The two irreplaceable, unsubstitutable data types you must gather and present in order to add breadth and credibility to your presentation (Page 17).

Yes, that’s great material. But believe me…there’s more!

The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards is jam-packed with insights, tactics, strategies, techniques and tools to make you money. It’s a system of thinking and acting that produces extraordinary results including not only financial gain, but a certain mental composure, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. Study and apply this information and more people will say YES to you!

Even if you don’t regard yourself as a master communicator or a natural salesperson, you will learn the simple techniques to deliver your offer with compelling power and get the YES you desire. And when you face rejection and denial, you’ll know the methods to rebound immediately with fresh energy to succeed on the next sales call.

But why should you get this particular program when the market is full of sales materials? Here’s why…

Here’s Why you’ll Never Find this Kind of
Sales Resource Anywhere Else in the Entire World

No, that’s not ego talking. The existence of this manual is the result of a frustration I have felt about the typical sales development materials available in the marketplace. They take a certain angle or tilt and everything is presented from that perspective, without recognition that life is always changing, and even the things we believe deeply don’t apply in some situations.

Let me give you a couple examples of the mix of skills that the masters have-the combination of approaches that I’ve not been able to find in any single sales tool on the market. I’ve been looking for sales development materials that strike a certain balance between the professionally trained corporate salesperson AND the nimble peddler who sell watches on the street at 42nd Street in New York.

If you want to be a master at the selling game, you need a mix of the kind, patient attendant selling books in a candle-lit spiritualist bookstore AND the rough-and-tumble attitude of the used-car salesman with twenty years of experience. Do I make my point?

The greatest leap forward in your sales profession won’t come from more intense sales training. Instead, it can be found by breaking out of the typical training you’ve been getting in your industry and company and experiencing sales from the perspective of businesses that are vastly different from yours.

The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards is unique…unusual…unlike anything else you’ll find on the market…for a number of reasons. The most significant reason I believe, is that it coaches you from a rich mix of perspectives, approaches, techniques and angles that you just don’t find in any one industry or company. The breadth of experience packed into these 146 pages leads to dramatic results for anyone who wants people to say YES and surrender their money.

Why Is this Breadth of Experience
Important to Your Success?

Rather than having to invest 27 years collecting the knowledge, strategies, techniques and sure-fire ways to sell-almost-anything-to-almost-anybody like I have…you can get the tools you need today. Here’s how this helps you…

Most of your competitors are unicellular…they are strong at only one perspective:

  • If you sell to a corporate client you gain immediate competitive advantage by ALSO knowing the principles of kick-butt sales in multi-level network marketing, and vice-versa;
  • If you are great at the external skill of the sales process, and you’ve ALSO mastered the internal conditions of courage, esteem and confidence, you have a competitive edge, and vice-versa;
  • If you have an incessant drive to succeed and make money and you ALSO operate with a heart of kindness and integrity, you can become an amazing all-round success, and vice-versa. I know too many wonderful, kind hearted people who are useless in business and I know too many highly successful business people who are aggressive and heartless.

Do you get the picture? The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Request a copy for yourself. It gives you a set of easy-to-follow strategies, and tactics that are 100% guaranteed to produce improved results in your business and your life. It will help you simultaneously portray the energy of someone who is a really nice person, easy to like AND someone with great personal power and financial influence! 

How Do You Get Your Own, Personal Copy of The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence & Rewards?

When you consider the range of experience built into this masterpiece, when you consider the impact it will make on your business and your life; when you consider the value of such a work, just think of how much it is worth in dollars…the best of 27 years, tightly packed into 146 pages!

One insurance company paid me $8,500, flew me first class to the Caribbean-all expenses paid-and had me teach its sales organization just one of the key lessons found in this sales manual. What would be the equivalent value if you could have the entire set of business strategies and techniques, not for one hour, but to use and re-use at your convenience? 

Colgate-Palmolive flew 280 salespeople into Las Vega, Nevada and put them into a conference room for one day, just to have me train them on some of the concepts in this Ultimate Sales Manual. They paid me $28,000 for the one event. In fact, they were so happy with the results that they later hired me for a consulting assignment worth U.S. $187,000 covering work in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mérida and Mexico City.  How could YOU benefit?

Request it today and you can have a copy of The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards shipped personally to you for just $97.47. This offer is available for a limited time only. My marketing experts are telling me that the price should be much higher and are presently working on increasing it. The information in this manual was recently presented at a public seminar in Ft. Lauderdale where people gladly paid $597 each to participate. However, today, you can have it all for only $97.47.

Click Here Now to Get Your Copy

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Request Your Copy Today and Receive all of the
F-R-E-E  Bonus Offers

Just think…If you knew that far more people would say YES to you, what would you ask for? Well get ready, because The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards will open doors for you to have more than you have ever had and achieve more than you have ever achieved.

Yes, There’s More…You Also Get Some Amazing Bonuses if You Order Today…

I am so intent on giving you more than you pay for, I’m going to include, FREE of cost, some very valuable bonuses that are worth more than the price you will pay for the Ultimate Sales Manual.

BONUS #1: 5 Buttons You Push to Persuade — Special E-Book on how to Find People’s Pain $14.97 valueThis information gives you great influence to impact how people make decisions. It shows the 5 predominant sources of pain people feel in present day society, then teaches how to push a button for each one, and how to present your product as a solution…a way to make some of that pain go away. This technique is so powerful, we warn readers not to use it to manipulate people, but to use it with totally honorable intentions. Now, it’s yours for FREE.
BONUS #2: Mind Games to Make You Mighty —
Special E-Book on how to Become Virtually Immune to Rejection. $14.97 value. Avoid the big downside in the sales game—the ever-present rejection. You won’t experience on-going success until you figure out how to remove the sting from NO.
Imagine you having the power to simply brush off negative things people say to you…not just in sales…but in life in general. Wouldn’t it be great to lose the feelings of embarrassment, anger, frustration and discouragement that can come with NO? This is a must-have and it’s yours FREE.
BONUS #3:The Gentle Power of Getting Yes — Audio Program. $147 ValueThis powerful tele-seminar supplementsThe Ultimate Sales Manual. Hear me go into greater detail on some of the most important points in the manual. The essence of the book is compacted into this audio program you can enjoy as you relax at home or drive to work, now yours for FREE.
BONUS #4:The New Age of Selling— Audio Program.
$47 ValueLearn to stay ahead of the important changes—selling in The Information Age. This special report contains exclusive findings being used by top sales management at Fortune 500 companies across the country…insights that the average entrepreneur or small company has not yet figured out. It will give you a strong competitive advantage in your marketplace. Now it’s yours FREE.

What Are All the Things You Get
and How Much Does it All Cost?

What You Get Real Value You Pay
The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards $597.00 $97.47
The Five Buttons You Push to Persuade — FREE $14.97 $0.00
Mind Games to Make you Mighty — FREE $14.97 $0.00
The Gentle Power of Getting YES — FREE $147.00 $0.00
The New Age of Selling — FREE $47.00 $0.00
You Pay Only: $820.94 $97.47

Alvin, this is more than I even expected. I want to get a copy of everything you’re offering and only pay the discounted price for the manual.”

Click Here Now to Get Your Copy

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For Less than the Cost of a One Hour Program to My Clients, You’ll Have the Entire System that Helps You Get YES without Being Aggressive and Pushy.

Imagine the Return on Investment (ROI) calculation. Just find one idea, technique or approach in this system; apply it to your daily business to increase your closing ratio and your ROI will be massive. By the way, whenever that happens, please send me your success stories at Info@AlvinDay.com   I’ll celebrate with you.

By the way, I want to make one more incredible offer. You may find this hard to imagine, but…

Request this Material Right Now and I’ll Make Sure There Is NO RISK at all to You.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the program closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 3 months. Use it to the max.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I want you to write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, 100% refund upon returning the manual.
On the other hand, if The Ultimate Sales Manual of Persuasion, Influence and Rewards helps you get better sales results, then do me a favor and e-mail me your success story or testimonial — tell me about your results, and tell all your friends about it too.

                                                      I wish you all the success in the world.


Alvin Day
Sales Empowerment Coach

P.S. Remember, this special offer with the discounts and the FREE bonuses is available for a limited time only. You can have the entire set later, but why wait a few days and pay $820.94 when you can have it all today for $97.47? Request your copy now. 

P.P.S. If for any reason, in the first 3 months, you decide to return the manual for a full refund, go ahead and keep all the bonus items…yours FREE with no obligation…that’s a $250.94 value, FREE!  I want to make this decision simple for you.

Click Here Now to Get Your Copy

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“I have traveled and have personally been coached by some of the best personal development coaches in the world. To name a few, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar and many more but today I truly was coached by The Best [Alvin Day]. I actually was on the edge of my seat.”– Cathryn Finley

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